Thursday, December 24, 2009

Daycare Divas

On Friday nights?


cnicker said...

Don't know how my screen name is showing up on this first post, but I am aka Dustilies from GWoP . . .

I ran into this show late Christmas night while flipping through channels on an unfamiliar cable set-up (was at my MIL's)

I only lasted a few minutes, but here's what I saw:

Two women who seem to despise each other were discussing (as talking heads against a fancifully lit studio backdrop) some sort of activity for the kids in their daycare group. One is blonde, one is brunette. When the blonde talks, the brunette rolls her eyes and smirks. Then they switch roles. (If I'd wanted to watch this, I could have stayed upstairs with my semi-drunk SILs). The blonde has some grandiose plan for an activity that is going to completely change the dynamic amongst the children and make this the best daycare ever. The brunette shoots it down with the verbal equivalent of a predator drone. (Now I'm really flashing on the SILs).

Next scene: Blondie is lining kiddies up two by two to begin this activity (I'm sort of rooting for her, bcse the brunette is such a know-it-all-prissy-priss), but one boy refuses to go along. He settles in quietly to play with blocks, but is he allowed to? No. On one side, he gets blondie in his face, desperately begging/ordering/ wheedling/cajoling him to participate, since pairs are crucial to the whole enterprise. On the other side of his face, he gets a TLC camera.

That was when I decided to change channels.

Vince Anido, we appreciate that you are checking this blog. So, when will TLC realize that we do not want to see children humiliated on camera? What "Learning" is going on in this scene? Even if the kid comes around, that's not learning, its submission. Even if the teacher comes around, they've exposed a very young child to a kind of scrutiny and "othering" that no kid should ever be subjected to.

Certainly, there is great potential for a show in which excellent daycare providers and nursery school teachers could teach us all how to manage children in groups and how to bring the best out of each child.

This show is clearly not that one.

Also, I am saddened to see that these acerbic ding-dong "divas" are making themselves completely unemployable as teachers, daycare providers, or nannies for whatever short-term pay they are getting from TLC. I don't think even Kate Gosselin would hire them, except under some crossover inducement.

fidosmommy said...

Thanks for the review, dustilies.
I hadn't planned to watch anyway, and now see I won't be missing much of anything "educational" or even "interesting".

TLC has really got some weird ideas of what is "entertainment".
It seems the more obnoxious it is, the more excited TLC becomes about it. Who in the world dreams up these shows? It's distressing!

Lucy said...

fidosmommy said:
Who in the world dreams up these shows? It's distressing!

Exactly! It is and TLC execs should be ashamed of what they are airing on their so -called "learning" channel. To think Discovery Channel is associated with this crap.

For the Moment? said...

Just the name of this show gives me the hibbie-jibbies. I don't think I would be prone to leave my child in the hands of any diva (much less a day care diva) all day, while I try to work and not worry about how my kids are doing.

Note to TLC...the general public does not like divas of any sort, especially when they are engaged with children.

While people may watch a trainwreck they don't want to be a part of it...i.e. support the advertisers, encourage people to watch, etc.

There might be some divas in waiting who will watch but most likely will pretend that they don't.

fidosmommy said...

Geemaneez! I just Googled Daycare Divas and I read there are
Master's Degrees and Bachelor Degrees in Education involved. And, these two divas are best friends, trying to decide if this is the life route they want to take. Wow. Maybe not.

dustilies said...

For the Moment said,

Note to TLC...the general public does not like divas of any sort, especially when they are engaged with children.


Yes, who the heck does TLC think is the audience for such a show?

parents with kids in daycare? No, because parents who now have or ever have had kids in daycare, we just don't want to even think that daycare providers can be so . . . scary.

parents without kids in daycare? Why? Maybe somebody has a superiority complex around tensions between SAHMs and WOHMs, but seems kind of a narrow demographic.

people who don't have kids yet? Even bigger, echoey Why?

Just like I no longer enjoy "thrillers" centered on the kidnapping of children now that I'm a mom, I just don't want to watch children treated badly on reality tv. Not relaxing, not informative, not House. . . LOL.