Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Little Couple

Jan and Bill and their adventures as newlyweds.


fidosmommy said...

Jen is probably a terrific physician. Bill seems to have a handle on his business. They seem to really like each other, even if
Bill seems a bit sarcastic to Jen's
sincerity. But if that's the dynamic they are comfortable with, then that's their business.

Just like with the Roloff family, I appreciate learning about the
medical and physical obstacles of
little people. So far, we know Bill had joint replacement surgery and Jen shouldn't get pregnant because of medical restrictions from her dwarfism. Interesting to me.

But they could just as easily be average sized people who had these jobs, could not have children for
some reason....I don't think their size is really the issue here. They seem comfortable in their bodies, they seem to love each other, and they seem quite competent at their jobs.

What else do we need to know about the Arnold/Klein family, TLC? I think we have the basics down already.

What IS it with TLC and dwarfs? Why highlight little people all the time? I don't get it. They are no more interesting and no less interesting than anybody else who's going through life doing the best they can do. Please, I don't get the fascination with little people!

I think Amy Roloff said it first:
We do the same things everybody else does, we just do them differently. Nuf said, huh?

Anonymous said...


"What IS it with TLC and dwarfs? Why highlight little people all the time?"

I was just about to post that when I read your comment. Is TLC obsessed with dwarfs? I landed on yet another one last night. These little people were making chocolates. It wouldn't surprise me if the next thing added to the lineup would be Little Cake Bosses.

Pamela Jaye said...

I think TLC is obsessed with anything outside the norm, physically - but I'm not sure - it's possible that shows I thought were on TLC were really on DHC. Or maybe they were on both.

Jen and Bill are adults (unlike, say, Kate) and can decide whether they want to do this or not.
After watching Kate, it's refreshing to watch a couple who respect each other (I don't watch the Roloffs, and I only watch the Duggars if the ep description looks interesting).
And I love Jen - she's just so incredibly outgoing and friendly to everyone. I'm not sure if I know anyone like that.
Plus, she's a doctor, so that's interesting to me too.
When they buy expensive things, I don't think "TLC gave them this" I think, "they studied and worked hard and can afford to pay for these things."
I also like Jen's mom. She's very supportive and seems like a very good mom.

paths said...

The ad for an upcoming episode, Bill is asked (referring to golf), "What is your handicap?", his reply is a hoot. Jen is funny also and seems sweet (although I can see her tough side. What a sense of humor he has! I enjoy watching them and will continue to do so as long as the show continues to on the same lines. Of course, the episodes are mostly contrived, but they seem somewhat happy to participate in the activities TLC has thrown their way.

Roryz said...

Actually, in our house, we call TLC "The Dwarf Channel" because there seems to be a plethora of programs about dwarves. I really had to wonder when earlier this year they offered programs on primoridal dwarves--one called "The Smallest People in the World" while another was titled "The World's Smallest People."

Anonymous said...

I just love Bill & Jen. They are so fun to watch because of their sweet sense of humor and their love for each other. I hope they stay just the way they are. I'm also praying they're able to find a surrogate mom soon!