Monday, December 21, 2009

New Blog Time

Here is the new blog to talk about all kinds TLC shows. We're thinking start with a post for the shows people want. I'll leave this post open for comments so people can list shows that they want. For this one you'll need a Google ID as we're going to try unmoderated and see how that goes.


By Faith Also Sara said...

I am ashamed to admit that I LOVE the BBQ Pitmasters Show.

Gail T. said...

Toddlers and Tiaras
AKA: Pedophiles favorite show.

msjudy89 said...

18 Kids & Counting blog please.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Oh, now I understand. Great idea. Thanks for doing this, mods.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Gail T: I AGREE! How is it even possible that these Toddlers & Tiaras parents are blind to this?????

To be honest, the emcee I saw in the few minutes of watching, creeped me out.

Children and their innocence are so precious. I wish all parents would do a better job of protecting these, rather than living vicariously through these little girls so that the parents (predominantly the moms) can feel better about themselves.

Exploitation comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. And is ugly in all of them.

abbie said...

Don't like the Toddlers and Tiaras show, but I believe that the pagents are wrong on so mnay levels.

How many shows starring Little People can we endure? Although I do enjoy Little People Big World for some reason. The other one- Little People- creeps me out and seems very very scripted. I know they are ALL scripted but, this one just seems like bad actors who happen to be short.

The rest of their shows- the cake one, the BBQ one- seems like they are really grabbing at straws to come up with new shows, and none of them are interesting to me. Too bad, TLC used to be one of my favorite channels.

Mona said...

I like Buddy of Cake Boss, but I think you're right that it's highly scripted. Every week there is some disaster caught with the cameras rolling. The cameras just happen to be rolling when the giant cake comes tumbling down the stairs. The cameras just happen to be rolling when a client shows up and ruins her own cake. The cameras just happen to be rolling when the delivery man has the side of the cake fall off. How many deliveries do they have to film before they catch a disastrous one? With the number of cakes they bake and deliver, I bet TLC crew doesn't have the time, so they set up a disaster every few weeks.

The cameras are constantly out in the street to catch the weekly dumping of flour or icing or something messy off the roof right onto the head of the delivery man. The sisters all come marching into the decorating room in trio, all yelling about the same thing and speaking in turn to Buddy, and they leave in trio, all while the cameras just happen to be rolling. It looks very pre-planned to me.

How interesting is life in a bakery without all this scripted drama? Not very. So created drama has to be added to the mix.

Maybe life in a bakery doesn't make good TV and should not be the theme of a TV show, even though I do like Buddy.

Maggie said...

msjudy89, try

Lucy said...

Soul Untouched...all I was responding to is comments a blogger makes to other bloggers post. I agree wholeheartedly with all you have said about enduring shows. I turn them off and don't "endure" them also. I guess I just defend the right to other bloggers' opinions. Not trying to be negative to your comments at all.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the new series, Ghost Intervention? Did it go the way of the ghosts...just fade into the vast afterlife?

Also -- what was the result of the class action lawsuit filed a few years ago against TLC for fraud by the Jersey Shore Med Center in regards to the Trauma/ER show?