Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Toddlers and Tiaras

I also call it screaming children and crazy mamas.


Ohio Buckeye said...

This is THE Most Upsetting program on tv.

These parents make even the likes of Kate Gosselin seem like wise and good parents.

These are some of the most misguided people I've ever imagined.

Teaching little girls to define themselves predominantly by their physical appearance is equally unwise and unfair.

Sexualizing little girls to win points with the 'judges' is obscene.

Simply disgusting.

fidosmommy said...

IF I wanted to watch little girls (and sometimes little boys) on stage on my TV, I would want to see them in a piano recital, a dance recital, singing a song, doing a tumbling routine, participating in a sports event, showing their artwork in an exhibit, reciting poetry or doing magic tricks. I would like to see them be children with talents, not just personalities on a stage.

WHEN will we realize we cannot value ourselves by what we look like? Looks should be the last thing a small child should have to worry about, IMO.

Everything about these children is false. False hair, false teeth, false tans, false presentation.
Parents are normally just thankful
little Janie brushes her own hair and brushes the teeth attached to her gums. But these kids have to
tend to all the accessories too.
It is simply outrageous to this old
woman to see little girls deciding they are "worthy" or "not worthy"
according to how many trophies, tiaras and sashes they have displayed in their bedrooms.

I'm all for little girls getting a sense of self, learning composure and how to feel comfortable in public. But this is NOT the way to achieve that, IMO.

Can't See Sheep said...

I agree. I don't see how the parents can be blind to any of it.

Those kids should be out playing on the weekend, not couped up in a hotel being judged on their "beauty" & "talent" The talent part being as much about appearance as the rest of it.

Talk about destroying a child's self esteem. We get to hear from the ones that win how wonderful their self esteem is, but we don't hear from the ones that never win & how it effects them. There are far better ways to build a child's self-esteem. All it is is an excuse & not a well thought out one. It's like it's a bunch of little girls playing with their dolls, only the dolls are children that can be very badly harmed by all this.

It's creepy, fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan & so on. If you're spray tanning your 5 year old you need help or at the very least a hobby or something else to do with your time. The makeup drives me nuts. It doesn't enhance their child features like children's makeup is supposed to, it's adult makeup, it blots out the fact that they're children & causes them look like shrunken 20 somethings.

This whole program is a pedophile fantasy. The mothers stand there & proudly proclaim how all these venues where they have the shows are closed to the public. What the heck do they think they're talking to, it's a TLC camera, they can't regulate whose houses their children are seen in, it's not closed & safe so long as that camera is there. I'd bet most pedophile tune in every week.

Then you get to hear how it's all about scholarships or whatever else they try to sell it as. If they put the money they lay out on all of this, the dresses, the lessons, the travel, the hotel, the list goes on & there's a bad excuse for every step of the way. If they put all that money away then the kids wouldn't need to win a scholarship because they'd have a nice amount in the bank. If a dress is as much as a mortgage or rent payment then I say don't buy it unless you're financially sound enough.

What is so wrong with letting a kid be a kid. They need to do that to grow up well, they need to play & explore things like a child, they need to learn like a child. What is it with adults who want their kids to be adults & pay their way in the world or pay for their parents lifestyle or my personal favourite pay for their keep. They didn't ask to come into this world. Leave them alone, let them be kids for crying out loud. It's probably why we have so many problematic, messed up & just plain insensitive adults, they had their childhood's cut short or weren't ever allowed one.

phew, sorry, rant over.

Mona said...

I watched it once. Well, part of one show. I thought it would be children in a talent contest. Usually contests have some talent aspect to them! What was I thinking? It's TLC, Mona!

I know it's a cultural thing to be involved in beauty contests. There are parts of the country where they do barbeques, others where they go crabbing in the Bay,
others where they ride horses or surfboards a lot. It would seem that somewhere there are groups of people who parade their children on stage in ridiculous, over the top outfits, tell them to wiggle their hips a lot, smile and point their fingers somewhere, and call it culture. So sorry, but it reeks of icky to me.

And this comes from a person who
has been involved in children's swimming events for decades, seeing boys and girls of all ages parade around the pool in Speedos all summer. It's not the body exposure, it's the setting and the atmosphere that is just wrong.

Lucy said...

Watched it once and it just reminded me of Jon Benet Ramsey. Just another TLC sick creation.

roddma said...

I remmeber one episode where a girl kept getting sprayed with a spray tan. The mother yelled more, more. most of them lay on the make up too think for their ages or any age. 7 year olds look like 15 year olds. If you are going to hold pageants, the kids should look natural without all the fake stuff a dlimit pageants to one or two a year. Some of them are going to pageants every bi- weekly or monthly and spend thousands of dollars. Absurb

Mary said...

wow did you hear the Grandma,mother in this episode say she gives out pills. they don't drink or smoke. One of the little girls even said it. It was that adault blonde(Mother) who was in pagent. I laugh when she said little girl would be famous yet this women had to go back to pagents

Tetotomom said...

I think there should be something against that stupid Honey BoBo to me it's as bad as that dumb Toddlers and Tiaras.