Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little People Big World back for Season 5 B

Let the Jeremy drinking discussion begin.


Molly said...

Why is there a need for a huge discussion? He was not breaking the law because in Europe the drinking age is 18. I highly doubt that there are many people out there that can say they did not drink at that age. And most of those people did that drinking in the US, where it was NOT LEGAL!! Geez, leave the boy alone. If there is anything to discuss it is the fact that Zach doesn't know how to relax and have some fun, or the fact that Matt stayed home instead of joining the family. Jeremy drinking was the last thing that would have bothered me in that episode.

Donna Martin said...

This show along with so many other TLC ones have gotten so boring.

Anonymous said...

Matt has become a self-absorbed jerk. I feel bad for Amy. This show is ruining their family.

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